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5 Reasons to Always Wash Your Vegetables Before Eating

Washing Fruits & Veggies

Fresh vegetables play a crucial part in a healthy eating plan. Whether they are purchased at a supermarket or a local farmers’ market, it is important to incorporate a good quality organic food wash into your preparation routine. This will ensure that they are as healthy as nature intended by the time they end up on your plate.

1. Remove Harmful Bacteria

By the time you have chosen that bunch of strawberries or carrots, at least a few dozen other hands may have touched them. Many people do not wash their hands regularly during the day, and as a result, they spread numerous forms of bacteria wherever they touch. These include E.coli and salmonella, which can lead to food poisoning. Using an organic fruit & veggie wash will help remove these contaminants from your favorite greens.

2. Eliminate Soil and Dirt

As a result of fresh produce being grown in the ground or on trees, there is always the risk of soil or other airborne dirt being left on them after picking. Washing your vegetables with an organic veggie wash after bringing them home will remove dirt, soil and other foreign objects from them prior to preparation and eating.

3. Effectively Remove Preserving Wax

Many commercial farmers and supermarkets use a preserving wax on fresh produce in order to enhance its appearance and give it a longer shelf life. Although the manufacturers of the wax claim that it is a harmless ingredient, studies are beginning to prove otherwise. Soaking your fresh veggies in food wash before packing them away will not only remove this wax; it will also ensure that your veggies taste as good as nature intended them to.

4. Reduce Exposure to Harmful Pesticides

These days, a large percentage of fresh produce is grown with the aid of harmful pesticide products. These have been known to cause significant harm to the body as well as the environment. Studies have been done that have linked the consumption of pesticide products to birth defects, autism and ADHD. Although an organic veggie wash may not remove all pesticide residue from produce, it will remove a substantial amount of it.

5. Give Your Family a Reason to Enjoy Fresh Produce Again

Many people claim to not enjoy eating vegetables because they either taste bitter or lack taste completely. In most cases, the use of a good quality food wash product will help eliminate this problem, leaving your vegetables bursting with natural flavor and color. The more attractive your produce is, the more likely your family will be encouraged to eat and enjoy it.

Although it is often thought that organic produce does not need to be washed prior to consumption, this is not true. Regardless of whether produce is organic or not, it is susceptible to contamination. Washing produce prior to preparation will only take a few minutes extra, and it is also the most affordable way to provide food that is tasty as well as safe for your family.

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