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Food Country-of-Origin: That is The Question

originsWhere Does Your Food Come From?

Many people rejoiced when the United States passed the country-of-origin bill. This was a big step in creating a world of food transparency. For a decade, consumers were informed where their meat was raised and processed. “In 2013, the Consumer Federation of America found that nearly 90% of Americans favor country-of-origin labeling on their meat products. Cited by many as a “common sense” practice in line with the call for more transparency in all aspects of the food and agriculture industries, this issue goes far beyond one of food safety.” (Andrea Ditter-Middleton, 2016)

So what happened? What about the rest of your food? How can we help you protect what you bring into your home? (more…)

Meeting the Organic Community: Marcie Manfredonia

custom candleMaking an Organic Difference

I always enjoy meeting like-minded people living organic lifestyles. When I’m out in the community, and I come across others who are passionate about living organic and chemical-free. I am especially excited when I find out that they have also dedicated their lives to recreating products that enhance an organic and chemical-free world. I was thrilled when I had an opportunity to meet Marcie Manfredonia. Her vibrant personality draws you in, but what I found truly endearing is her passion.

From her work with the American Cancer Society to her tireless efforts to find a candle that would provide aromatherapy without hurting her asthmatic child – Marcie has become an unstoppable force for the organic community. (more…)

Organic Chemical-free Soil for the Garden

HandsSoilPlantOrganic Soil

Organic gardening begins with the soil. Chemical-free soil means getting creative to control weeds and pests. It also means preserving and cultivating the nutrients within. Plants take carbon from the air and, in simple terms, turn them into carbon-sugars. The sugars pass through the roots into the soil and eventually become the fertile topsoil that your future veggies love. This is, of course, very simplistic version of what happens; however – your plant’s nutritional value is determined by your soil quality.

Let’s look at how to preserve your organic topsoil and keep your life chemical-free! (more…)

Turmeric – The Midas Touch for Your Health

TurmericGolden Healing in The Pantry

You may already know that your home pantry can hold a plethora of natural remedies. We decided turmeric should be an everyday staple in our home remedy pantry. The most available source to find turmeric is powder – found in the spice aisle of your grocery store. You can learn how to spot turmeric at your local whole food farmers’ market or health store in other forms too. Check out the benefits turmeric has to offer and a couple tasty ways to use it below! (more…)

Natural Pest Management for Slug-free Gardening

marigoldKeeping it Slug-free

As thick as a man’s thumb and roughly 4 inches long – the thing was huge! I could almost hear my garden plants screaming and shrinking in fear. Slugs are a part of nature and can be a menace for the organic gardener. Dealing with them organically and effectively can sometimes pose a challenge.

So, how can you deal with a pest like garden slugs naturally? Can you keep your garden chemical-free and maintain your fruits and veggies? (more…)

Juicing & Smoothies For a Healthier You

spring cleansingJuicing or Smoothies Which is Better?

Some individual’s swear by juicing and feel it is a fundamental element to a healthier you. With juicing you are extracting those fresh essential vitamins and minerals straight from the garden! Other’s prefer smoothies, but which is better for you? Is there a difference when it comes to your health? Both are healthy and beneficial but depending on why you are juicing or smoothying (yes made up a word) one may be better than the other. (more…)

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